Smithtown Location

15 Ridgeley Rd, Smithtown ny, 11787
Hours: 6:30AM-6:30PM Monday through friday

New Beginnings of Smithtown provides preschool education and daycare for children from 6 weeks old to 12 years old. There is hands-on, theme-based programs to provide an introductory school experience for children in preparation for elementary school. Each room has a daily routine, and teachers create monthly lesson plans in advance for individual, small group, and class activities in  a caring and nurturing atmosphere. There is free time and structured time in each room. The time allowed for each varies depending on the ages of the children. Concepts, lessons, and themes are presented daily during structured time. 

Our goal is to provide best practices for active learning, brain development and satisfying results for your child. New Beginnings achieves this by utilizing specialized staff training, teamwork, parent support and most of all, providing a child centered environment!

Our Ratios

Age of ChildStaff:ChildMax Group Size
6 weeks-18 months1:48 per classroom
18 months-3 years1:512 per classroom
3 years1:718 per classroom
4 years1:821 per classroom
5 years1:924 per classroom

Shannon McDermott


AnneMarie Bastone

Assistant Director

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