Our Summer Camp program is offered at both of our Kings Park and Hauppauge locations. We have indoor and outdoor activities, opportunities for fun, friendships, and exploration. Our programs are grouped by age and we encourage their growing ability to  make choices and work with others.  

We have developed a fun curriculum that takes advantage of all that the  summer offers. We have a playground, go on field trips, and have special  visitors as an extension of the camp, helping children to discover  science, explore nature, and engage in the creative arts, while learning  about the opportunities in the world around them.   

Summer Camp 2020

WEEK ONE   June 29 - July 2  - AMF Bowling  

WEEK TWO July 6 - July 10  - Ice Cream Party Shoppe

WEEK THREE July 13 - July 17 - KARTS

WEEK FOUR July 20 - July 24 - Canoeing

WEEK FIVE July 27 - July 31 - Long Island Ducks

WEEK SIX Aug 3 - Aug 7 - Bounce U

WEEK SEVEN Aug 10 - Aug 14 - Adventureland